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[poetry: caged]

walking through the woods one day
alone and falling out of love
she came upon a tree somewhat strange
with a door covered and engraved
words strange and unreadable

perhaps it wasn’t the wisest choice
perhaps it was the broken heart
perhaps she never should have
perhaps she knew she shouldn’t

but she turned the handle
opened the door
walked into another world

worlds can be better
worlds can be worse
worlds can just be different
worlds can be exactly the same

several moments of silence
in a darkness so absolute
she thought her heart itself
had finally stopped and died

then her heart started beating
then it all seemed a blur
then she felt a searing pain
then she felt the world shrink in

awareness of light crept in
inability to move at all
a desire to spread her wings
a vague idea that this is new
something that wasn’t there before
a feeling like always being trapped

hours spent trying to remember
hours wondering what freedom was
hours fighting hopeless tears
hours of ennui setting in

and now something new and unknown
the approach of a thing
like a tremendous herself
a rumbling as of thunder a voice
an opening door to a cage
a hand that pulls her up
a cavernous mouth opens

then silence and a darkness unending

Writing prompt image courtesy of Nighthags Writing Corner.