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[flash fiction: dance]

This night there were devils shining in the bright moonlight. Beckoning her forward and repelling her away. A battle in her bones set to the beat of an ancient drum. A building sensation starting in her gut and working it’s way out until she was stomping towards the brightest moon beams, with devils weaving around her, over her, through her. A pounding and stomping that took away all thought, all breath, every piece of her until all that was left was the rhythmic, orgasmic emptiness in which she felt for the first time whole. Darkness wending around her ankles, creeping upwards, seductive and unwelcome. A small part of her crying out to stop the tribal frenzy. That voice struggling to be heard over the boom, boom, boom that spoke to her primitive wants.
Minutes, hours, days pass and the sweat pools around her turning the dust to mud and wringing out her inhibitions. In the moonlight she is reborn and she is finally beautiful, shining in all her monstrosity.
And this is how a demon is born. From moon, dance and freedom from inhibition. And this is how a new night is born in which she will rule and all will learn how to fear.