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[ink: world war moo by michael logan]

Published: June 2015
Genre: Zombies, infection, snarky
Sequel to: Apocalypse Cow


Full disclosure: I wasn’t the biggest fan of Apocalypse Cow. Given the premise of zombie cows and being majorly endorsed by Terry Pratchett I thought it would be sillier. At the end of the day it ended up feeling like a pretty average zombie apocalypse novel. Decent enough, but not really reinventing any type of wheel. I debated even reading the second one, but since I had already picked it up from the library, I figured I may as well.

This is one of those cases of a sequel surpassing the original. It’s all around snarkier and full of subtle humor. The addition of human zombies makes for a more entertaining and unique read.
First off, they’re not zombies in the traditional sense. If you think of 28 Days Later as an infection movie and not a zombie movie, then the same logic applies here. I’m not terribly interested in the absolute semantics of the term though, so from here out it shall be referred to as a zombie novel and anyone who wants to can argue the point to their heart’s content in the comments, their blog, wherever.
Now, that being established, I love zombie everything. If there’s one complaint to be had though, it’s that there’s not a lot of variation in your zombies beyond fast ones and slow ones. This book steps in with my favorite kind of zombie: the thinking variety. It showcases that there are always those that will fight their instincts and those that will surrender completely to it in the most over the top ways.
Another thing I love is snark. This book possesses the perfect amount of it. Just enough to lighten what is by it’s very nature a pretty heavy plot with morality quandaries¬†left and right, but not so much that you don’t care about said quandaries.

All in all, it’s a good choice for fans of the zombie genre. It would be recommended to read Apocalypse Cow first,¬†because it’s one of those stories that definitely needs the complete background. World War Moo is all around a better offering though.

Rating: 8/10